Boymar would like to introduce you our shipping agency services, combining high quality services with low costs, in the ports and straits of Turkey.

BOYMAR Shipping Agency is situated in Antalya on the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, one of the world's most active shipping region, and controls an extensive network on Agents in all major Turkish ports including the straits.

The highly qualified staff of BOYMAR company is skilled in the full range of shipping agency services, and take prompt action when necessary to save our clients time and money.

We carry out continuous monitoring of third parties on your behalf, to ensure that we meet the highest industry standarts together with your requirements. We are confident that BOYMAR company, using the latest technology and offering individual service, can meet all your requirements.

Our team of dedicated professionals are well versed in handling all types of vessels, to provide our clients the most efficient and cost competitive services. Our commitment to serve you is based on over 15 years experience and successful cooperation with shipping companies all over the world.

BOYMAR company has the capabilities and the relationship with the Turkish shipyards to co-ordinate and manage, on your behalf, the completion of new build and maintenance contracts. We can offer you the service of our technical department responsible for repairs accomplished at the well organized shipyards in Turkey, of which we are representatives. The range of services is inclusive of qualified workshops specialized in mechanical and electrical engineering, steel sandblasting, drydocking, etc. Through our relationships with the shipyards, we can furnish you with the required information in connection with the expenses of breakdown incurred, port regulations, etc. You can be assured that, our experienced team spend utmost effort to take care of your benefits in the Turkish ports we serve.

You can always expect our prompt vessel / cargo availability and terminal condition reports, immediately upon your request.

The BOYMAR Shipping Agency executives give service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to deal with all your queries and / or requests. You can see our services in relevant page.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for your further inquiries. Our quality policy is to reach the perfect satisfaction of our clients !

Yours sincerely,

BOYMAR Shipping Agency
Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Antalya